Starting a business is busy and difficult, but start-ups shouldn’t let social media fall by the wayside in all the hubbub! Social media is a powerful tool for gathering a fan base for your product as well as keeping them informed of all the exciting action going on as your company progresses.

Take note of these common mistakes start-ups make to do with social media.


1. Thinking social media is just for acquisition, rather than retention

While social media is useful for acquiring fans or followers, its real power lies in its ability to foster loyalty and engagement.


2. Trying to be on every social network

Start-ups have a tendency to spread themselves too thin in terms of social media networks. Pick your social network wisely based on your ideal fan.

3. Not knowing your ideal fan

Speaking of which, make sure you have a clear idea of who makes up your ideal audience. That way you will be able to target your content more accurately.


4. Not spending enough time on social media

Start-ups often disregard social media in their rush to get the rest of their business going, but you shouldn’t be so quick to doubt the power of social media. If you are consistent in your content creation, social media can generate excellent traction for any start-up.


5. Not baking social media into the product

It is important in this day and age to make your product naturally social. It will save you a lot of trouble later down the line when you’re realizing how much your business is missing without that added social media twist.


6. Forgetting that social media is about conversations 

Start-ups often forget the ability of social media sites have to hold 2-way conversations. They allow companies to interact more intimately with fans or followers instead of getting caught up in the megaphone style of marketing.

7. Buying followers through ads

This is an unsustainable method of fan acquisition. Start-ups should attract followers through strong and engaging content, instead of attacking them with ads.

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8. Only talking about the Product

Keep your followers interested in your brand by engaging them with conversation-inspiring content, instead of only talking about your product.


9. Forgetting the “WIIFM” for fans

“What’s in it for me?” is a question that all potential fans ask themselves before liking a page. Start-ups must be able to see their page from a consumer’s point of view and work to make it appealing for the potential fan.

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10. Not understanding which fans have influence

It is very important to identify your most influential fans. Tools like Splashscore make it easy to do, so you will be able to focus your efforts on your most engaged fans.