Facebook Discount

1.  Provide Coupons & Rewards

Your customers want a tangible benefit before inviting you into their Facebook News Feed, along photos of family and friends.


2.  Fan Appreciation

Give your customers a few minutes of fame, and they will be forever loyal.

Fill in the Blank

3.  Fill in the  ______ or Caption Contests

Invite customers to unleash their creativity and honesty.  These posts tend to drive the most engagement. Warning: some responses might be negative, so be ready to respond to those comments with your customer happiness hat on.

Call to Action


4.  Use a “LIKE” or “COMMENT” Call to Action

Sometimes customers need to be instructed on how to best respond to a post.

This or That


5.  Use a This vs That Posts

Forcing a customer to choose a side is a great way to start a conversation, since they likely have friends that will choose the other side.


6.  Be Human

Respond to complaints and comments from your users. But remember to strike an effective balance between professional and personal.



7.  Interaction is your Main Goal

Don’t focus solely on marketing your product or brand. Work to target and interact with your audience. A good way to do this is by relating a common experience with your fans.


8.  Beautiful Photos of your Product

Your customers are visual. If you take the time to create stunning photos of your product, you will stand out in people’s news feed and more likely to be shared.



9.  Holiday and Event Specific Posts

Posting about holidays and current events is an easy way to become a more personable and friendly resource.



10.  Useful Tips and Information

Make your page a helpful resource for your users by sharing tips or linking to other Facebook page’s posts.



11.  Ask the Fans

Make your fans feel important by seeking out their opinions. Ask a question or ask them to like, comment, or share your content.


12.  Connect your other Social Media Platforms

Encourage users to engage in your other pages and platforms by weaving shortlinks to your other accounts into your posts.