Facebook has made updates recently to make Brand Pages more visually attractive to its fans. Large cover photos, profile pictures and photo commenting are a few of the features Facebook has added to appeal to its users. Here are a few tips to help make your Brand Page more attractive to your fans.


1. Pick an Enticing cover photo

Your cover photo is the largest image on your page. It’s also the first image that your customers will see. Use it as the biggest opportunity for branding. Facebook has strict guidelines on what it allows you to post, but don’t let that limit you. Just don’t try to advertise specific products and prices, and you’ll be fine. Use a bold image, a quote, anything that you think could be the defining image for the company.

2. Use a profile picture as a space for your logo

Let’s take the same Pepsi page as before. Pepsi, along with many other companies, uses their profile picture as their logo. When you post status updates about your brand, it will be the only image that your followers will see on their newsfeed. Use that opportunity to familiarize your followers with your logo, and show it off!


3. Customize your custom tab images

Facebook gives you the opportunity to customize the images on your tabs. Click on the pencil, then “Edit Settings” to change the images to whatever you want. This customization allows you to tailor your tabs not only so that you can avoid the boring, default image, but also to help you make sure your tabs are attractive enough for followers to click. It also helps to keep your branding consistent throughout your page.


4. Insert photos into status updates

Photos make your status much larger in size on your timeline. This helps followers to differentiate between posts and make them more visual. Followers are also more likely to pay more attention to images versus text on their newsfeed. In addition to appearing larger on your page’s timeline, it will be bigger on your followers’ newsfeeds.


5. Highlight certain posts on your timeline

Facebook gives you the option of “highlighting” posts that you believe should be noticed more than others. Highlighted posts fill up both sides of your page’s timeline, rather than one. When followers scroll down your page, they will notice a post that is horizontally across the entire page. Highlighting posts with images create an even bigger impact, because the image will increase to twice its original size, if not more.

Utilize all the various tools that Facebook provides to make your Brand page nice and attractive.