Facebook has revealed a new design for the News Feed that is “all about your friends.”  These changes are in response to complaints about how Facebook selects what appears in the News Feed and what it leaves out.  They are also in response to the design of visual social networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

Users can opt into the new design on desktop starting today by visiting this link. The changes will soon follow on mobile. Here is everything you need to know about the new design:


1.  Larger Visuals






2. Bookmarks like Mobile Version

The new bookmarks bar will now appear on every page, similar to the mobile version of Facebook. Previously on the desktop, bookmarks only appeared when you were on the News Feed, a Group or Page.




3. Category Specific Feeds

You can access category-specific feeds from both the mobile and desktop versions. The filter is located in the top right corner on desktop and can be found on mobile by pulling down on the top of the feed.

The “following” feed will include all posts from pages and celebrities you follow, listed in chronological order. The same will apply for the “All friends” feed, which includes all posts from your friends. The “Most recent” feed will include stories about your friends joining an event, commenting on a photo or adding a new friend.


The music feed will include stories on what friends are listening to, music-related page Likes your friends make, posts from artists your friends like, upcoming concerts and recently released albums.


Photos feed is a chronological stream of all photos shared on Facebook.


The games feed has also been redesigned, and includes activity from friends, such as completing a level, earning an achievement or any other Open Graph actions developers have integrated. The sidebar allows users to quickly access games they’ve recently played and includes suggestions for games to play or games-related fan pages to Like.




4. Larger Ads

Just as user stories are richer, advertisements will have more engaging visuals in many cases. Ads will also have a new “hide” button that is not hidden under a drop-down menu.

See a comparison of page post ads with social context before and after:


page post comparison

Page Like Sponsored Stories before and after:

Facebook Sponsored Story



5. Larger Game Stories

The most obvious benefit of the redesign to developers is how much bigger Open Graph stories and photos appear in the feed. The example below is full size.

Facebook Open Graph Story



6. No More Ticker

Ticker, the real-time activity feed Facebook launched in 2011, is being pretty much retired in the latest redesign of News Feed and replaced by separate feeds that users can choose from.

A small remnant of the feature remains in the bottom left corner of the site, where Facebook displays one recent item at a time, almost camouflaged within the bookmarks/chat sidebar.

Facebook Ticker