After the Ice Bucket Challenge began in July, it quickly took over the nation. Friends challenged each other to dump ice water on their heads to promote ALS awareness and encourage donations for research. As people nominated their friends on social media, your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds were flooded with Ice Bucket Challenge videos and there’s a good chance you were challenged to post your own.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was the “Harlem Shake of the summer” but it did more than entertain the masses. Through the power of viral video and social media, the Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise $88.5 Million for ALS. Here at Splashscore, we decided to analyze the hashtag usage during the month of August to discover how truly viral the challenge was. Below are our findings:

4.4 Million tweets contained #IceBucketChallenge

Most people chose Thursday to get soaking wet!

(almost 20% of mentions)

The peak time for completing the Ice Bucket Challenge was 11AM

(6.36% of mentions)

Of these 3,697,342 tweets, the majority were retweets ( 70.78%)

For every original tweet, there were 3 retweets

Out of the total # of tweets, only 9.70% mentioned ALS in the hashtag
(Yet they still managed to raise $88.5 Million)

The Top 3 ALS hashtags used were #ALS, #StrikeOutALS, and #ALSIceBucketChallenge

70% of tweets came from mobile devices

On mobile devices:
34.63% came from the iPhone app
23.01% came from the Android app


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