Splashscore just launched a free Fan Grader tool to help marketers discover their top 100 fans. To demo the power of Fan Grader, we compared the top 100 fans of the two most popular coffee brands to see which group of fans drives the most engagement for their favorite morning brew.

The Battle Results as of 3/6/2014:

Starbucks Dominates the Battle!

Despite the Dunkin’ Donuts top 100 fans leaving more comments, the Starbucks fans were able to drive 5.3x more engagement on their comments.  This is reflected by the average engagement index, which is a measure that shows the average number of likes & replies a comment from a top fan will receive from their friends.

  Starbucks Fan Grader Report



Dunkin’ Donuts Fan Grader Report



How Fan Grader Works

Fan Grader analyzes only the comments left on the last 100 posts created by your Facebook page. Fan Grader is simple to use, just enter your information and press Grade My Fans!  We will then send you a link to a report (like the ones pictured above) that will give you information about your top fans’ engagement. This report can also be downloaded so your marketing team can analyze further if they wish.

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Discover Your Top 100 Most Engaged Fans

Fan Grader analyzes the comments on your brand's last 100 Facebook posts to see which fans' comments drove the most engagement for your brand.

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