How Social Media Sealed the Deal for Walsh

By monitoring #BosMayor in real-time across Facebook and Twitter we were able to predict Walsh’s victory 6 hours before polls closed. Below are the final results of our real-time data analysis.

Total Posts & Tweets with #BosMayor: 11,298

Posts & Tweets Per Minute: 7.8

That’s 1 #BosMayor Tweet or Post every 7 seconds

Nearly 7.5M people saw a #BosMayor tweet or post 6 times!

Evening hours saw the most buzz on social media around #BosMayor

Walsh was able to generate 12,228 Posts & Tweets!

That’s 2x more than his opponent was able to generate.

Walsh led on social media all day long. was shared most on Twitter was shared most on Facebook

Walsh used #BosMayor hashtag 4.5x more than Connolly

Tweets Mentioning @Marty_Walsh

Tweets Containing #BosMayor

Tweets Mentioning @JohnRConnolly