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So far, we’ve witnessed 64 brands stun their rivals, emerge victors, or seen fan favorites knocked out of the tournament. Here’s a quick summary of any action you might have missed as the competition heats up, and the  Elite Eight warm up to battle it out in the CPG semifinals!

Home & Family Division

With some last minute ‘Likes’, Tide spun Charmin off the court and out of the tournament. Rumor has it that the team kept their chin up and Cha-Cha’d off the court.  Our CPG Cinderella, Luvs, continued on her upset streak and sent Gerber back home to its Michigan headquarters. We’ll see how she fairs in the elite eight!

Breakfast & Lunch Division

On the breakfast counter, Cornflakes beat Thomas’ English Muffins  proving that a cereal bowl and a splash of milk goes a lot further than a timed toaster oven. At lunchtime Doritos delivered a powerful crunch, overwhelming Skippy Peanut Butter! Skippy may have better luck next season playing their crunchy lineup rather than smooth.

Health & Beauty Division

This round of games was full of shocking scores. Flu and allergy season must-have product, Kleenex caused a huge upset in their game against cavity fighting Colgate and emerged victorious – even with Coglate’s 2.9M fans cheering the team on! Covergirl rocked the court and overwhelmed Dove’s real beauty, knocking them out of the competition in the second half of the game.

Dinner & Dessert Division

If you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen! Perdue Chicken sent its rival Ragu, and its 1.1M fans, packing. Oreo overwhelmed M&M’s proving once and for all that double stuffed is better than plain chocolate, or peanut.

What are your predictions for the brands that remain in the elite eight? Check out the brackets here and let us know in the comment box below!

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