Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Splash?
Your Splash is a measure of how well you engage your friends on Facebook, and the higher the better. Engagement occurs when you affect the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. On Facebook, this is represented by the likes and comments received on posts.
What is Considered a Good Splash?
A Splash of 100 represents your expected capacity to engage others on Facebook given the number of Friends and posts you have.  With a score greater than 100, you are exceeding those expectations and are engaging friends on Facebook.
How is My Splash Calculated?
We use magic… in the form of our Splash Algorithm.  We give points for the likes and comments you have earned on your Facebook posts.  We then compare that to the amount of points you could have earned, based on the number of friends and posts you created.  The more friends and posts you have, the more likes and comments you need to earn to receive more points.
How Often is My Splash Calculated?
Your Splash is recalculated each night. You can also recalculate on demand if you just received a bunch of likes and comments and want to see how many points you earned.
Should I Invite my Friends?
Yes! Likes and comments earned from friends using Splashscore are worth more points.
Which Posts Contribute to My Splash?
We only score the last 50 posts created on your timeline within the last 90 days.  Also, as your posts on your timeline get older, they lose points – so make sure you keep posting quality content!