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Tournament Overview

Splashscore’s CPG March Madness is a new type of madness. Instead of colleges battling with their top athletes, Splashcore’s CPG March Madness will pin 64 national consumer brands against each other to see who’s Facebook fans drive the most engagement. Will Listerine’s minty freshness overtake Scope in the first round? Will Thomas’ fans upset Pop Tart’s?  Will Plum Organics shock the world and knock Gerber out in the first round?  Only time, and engagement, will tell.  Its going to be an exciting March, so get ready for the madness that leads up to the Big Dance.

How It Works



We’ve narrowed down the enormous CPG world to two main conferences, each with four divisions.  The Food Conference’s Divisions are Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert divisions while The Household Goods Conference is made up of Home, Family, Health, and Beauty Divisions. Beginning on March 18th, they will battle it out to see which brand boasts the most engaged fans within their given bracket.


CPG March Madness will be scored using Splashscore’s Fan Grader. This tool measures the engagement of a brand’s Facebook Page based on the Comments generated on a brand’s last 100 posts. With total fan count determining the matchup favorite, the brand with the highest total engagement will be crowned the victor. If it comes down to a tie the tiebreaker will be the average engagement index, which averages the numbers of Likes and Comments generated by a brands top fans.

Splashscore’s Early Picks

Three of our team members were asked to pick winners – without looking at their Facebook pages or at a computer. Their picks, based on intuition, are below.  Over the next two weeks keep up-to-date with CPG March Madness, and see if this is the year for a CPG Cinderella! Let us know your own predictions in the comment box below and make sure to keep up to date on the brackets here.

Lyle’s Picks Chris’ Picks Sean’s Picks
Home & Family
Health & Beauty
Breakfast & Lunch
Dinner & Dessert
Overall Champion
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